by Karmic Ashes

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The title, Geardagum, is Old English for "in the days of yore," from the second line of the epic poem Beowulf. Pronounced [jeardaɣum]
This album represents the culmination of three years of experimentation with writing metal, combining many various musical influences and also reflecting our continuous exploration of esoteric philosophy, history, and the nature of reality. Although this is not a concept album, it is unified by common themes of war, myth, heroism, and fate.


released October 17, 2016

Luca Panaro: Lyrics, Drums, Vocal
Lars Panaro: Guitar, Backup Vocals

Great Thanks to:

Tina and Adrian Panaro, our supportive parents who funded this project.

Richard Blair, our patient recording technician at
Pro Studio 505 (1-505-589-1926)

Artha Meadors, who wrote and tracked bass for all five songs after drums and guitar were recorded.

Jenna Kuchar, guest operatic vocals on "Breast of Cruelty"

Emily Shirey, album cover artist

And a grand thanks to all of our musical teachers over the years for passing on your skills to us.



all rights reserved


Karmic Ashes Albuquerque, New Mexico

We are two brothers who have been playing music together for the past 10+ years. With our music we seek to tell stories and create enrapturing sonic landscapes, though not for the faint of heart . . .

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Track Name: Breast of Cruelty
A poison river floes forth from there
From the breast of cruelty
The face of purity haloed by kindness
Within beats the malignant heart
Hope is shackled
Where once love grew freely,
Now torn, blasted, and harnessed for one's own greed
A tainted prophecy, sullen defeat of the damned
A challenge issued
The cry for battle called forth from the hallowed dark
Spill her blood, end the reign of blinding tyranny
False light dispelled, chase the crimson dawn back again
Sworn fealty unto death, Einherjar's grace
The gods' given right, claimed by the sword-arm
Track Name: Collapsing Coalescence
The phenomenal world contained in a single atom
Reality compounded on a skeletal system
Words bring forth manifestation
Mindless shaping god, wrought of void
Coiled, titan's death
Flaming stones 'round the tree
Hate-threaded noose
Cast the omen
Ice and rime held all form
Redirection toward Kether-shall-become
Smashing into expansion, Surtr's throne
Track Name: Havamal
Secrets of Synthesis
A wielding of runes
Furious inspiration, rushing through the heavens
Trickling divine ecstasies
My galdr reaches for thee Ansuz-king
Leading the flock of endless ending
And fading 'cross the bridge
He who is thrice-thought rise with my spell-craft
And speak through my runa
Way through the worlds given to ours of nine
The mystic blood doth flow, neverlost!
Guiding his children since the primal battles of old
Where the name Odhinn was written in the flowing blood
Quest at the dawn of time, searching outstretched limbs
Held aloft by spear
Sacrificed unto mysteries
Himself to himself
And falling back, Truth in hand
Breathing the secret out in whispers of power
He gives to us the rune-songs
Track Name: War
Shield and blade
My brothers crossed the field
Steel rang out, hallowed song to the earth
The legacy of my will shall persist
Hanging over cross-timbered worlds
Breathing out the life that I once held so close
Out there, betwixt the sun and the moon
All those years etched out in bone
The world-terror, drowned in blood
As humanity toppled from the throne
Living darkness shattered the ancient covenant
No more options
I took his wager so far down beneath the roots
The sky returned to my waking eyes
Vision stained by blood
The cycle of death continues . . .
Track Name: Fallen Sons of Kings
Hark 'midst the timbers
Seek out the call
Turning from the sun to encroach deeper

Signature sickness, the guilt of masters
You're suffering now, eternal sleeper

Happiness fleets, alighting under the starlight
Where the sun shines it can never be found


The sorrow of the land spoken through gnarled deceit
Betrayals of yore
Hateful tide of the cross knew no retreat
Shadowed walls of our stone prisons
Sins washed away by the light
An empire of spider's silk
Toiling until their last breath


Hamstrung autonomy
Begotten of our vices
Rest not until the seed of filth is rooted out
Oath to the earth, not even the falling tears of heaven
Could snuff out the coming fire
May only ash remain